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New Colorado Rules: More Mandates, But Also Supply Chain Flexibility

On Thursday, a series of new Colorado cannabis industry regulations went into effect, including new mandatory use-by dates for product packaging but also the flexibility for growers to re-designate medical cannabis as recreational inventory. While some of the changes may help the cannabis supply chain during an economically harsh period by making it easier for various... Continue Reading →

Michigan Gov. Whitmer Makes Marijuana Top Cop’s Role Permanent

This story was reprinted with permission from Crain’s Detroit Business news and written by Dustin Walsh.  Gov. Gretchen Whitmer announced Friday that Brian Hanna will continue as the permanent head of the state’s Cannabis Regulatory Agency after more than two months as its acting executive director. Brian Hanna, executive director, Michigan Cannabis Regulatory Agency Hanna rejoined the CRA... Continue Reading →

New Jersey Marijuana Regulators Approve Rules For Public Cannabis Consumption Areas

New Jersey marijuana regulators approved rules for “public cannabis consumption areas” on Friday, bringing the state one step closer to providing the social use option to adults and patients. Adult-use cannabis shops opened in April, but advocates have emphasized the need to implement regulations that give people additional spaces for where they can lawfully consume.... Continue Reading →

Biden Signs Marijuana Research Bill, A Historic First For Federal Cannabis Reform

President Joe Biden has officially signed a marijuana research bill into law, making history by enacting the first piece of standalone federal cannabis reform legislation in U.S. history. The bill cleared the House in April and the Senate last month, and a White House spokesperson confirmed to Marijuana Moment that the president intended to sign... Continue Reading →

Biden’s Health Secretary Gives Update On Marijuana Scheduling Review Directed By The President

The head of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) says that the Biden administration is committed to supporting evidence-based policies for marijuana as it works to complete a review of federal cannabis scheduling that was directed by the president. That science-focused approach also applies to policy decisions on other drugs, he said.... Continue Reading →

Democrats’ Focus On Social Justice Marijuana Bills Has Blocked Achievable Progress On Reform (Op-Ed)

“The GOP wouldn’t have to steal cannabis policy reform from Democrats, they only need to pick up their fumble.” By Don Murphy, Marijuana Leadership Campaign Democrats have controlled both chambers of Congress for nearly two years (the House for four) and so far, cannabis policy reform advocates have nothing to show for it. The green... Continue Reading →

99% of patients using Medicinal Cannabis are sourcing it illegally due to failures within the industry, a new report says

99% of patients using Medicinal Cannabis are sourcing it illegally due to failures within the industry, a new report says Image Cannabis News December 2, 2022 There are an estimated 1.8 million individuals using cannabis for medical purposes in the UK, but only 15,000 are legally prescribed patients, according to a new report by drug... Continue Reading →

Florida Ag Commissioner Blasts Governor Over Cancelled Clemency Meeting That Could’ve Involved Marijuana Pardons

Florida’s agriculture commissioner is calling out Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) over his decision to cancel an executive clemency board meeting that she hoped would be used to facilitate pardons for people with marijuana convictions on their records. Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried (D) sent a letter to the governor on Wednesday to express her frustration over... Continue Reading →

DOJ Has Concerns About Marijuana Banking Bill, Newly Surfaced Memo Reveals

The Department of Justice sent a memo to the congressional lawmakers about a marijuana banking bill that’s expected to be taken up imminently, saying the legislation as drafted could “significantly complicate law enforcement investigations and prosecutions” of crimes involving other drugs or money laundering. However, the agency did suggest that the Secure and Fair Enforcement... Continue Reading →

The US Department of Agriculture will collect Hemp data in their Census of Agriculture

The US Department of Agriculture will collect Hemp data in their Census of Agriculture Image Cannabis News December 2, 2022 In their 2022 Census of Agriculture, the US Department of Agriculture will, for the first time, collect and publish data on farmers and producers who grow hemp for fabric, food products, and cannabidiol (CBD). For... Continue Reading →

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